The Teachers
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Ibu Ana was born and grew up on the island. She moved to the mainland when she got married but often came to visit as a big part of he family still lives on the island. She was hired to teach at the school of Gili Asahan already some years ago but the salary she got wasn’t even enough for her to pay the transport costs to reach the island. Since Kids of Asahan helps to pay her a normal salary she comes daily and is in charge of the small kids from the 1st to 3rd grade.


Ibu Novita sama like ibu Ana grew up on the island and sent to the same school like the kids today. She often tells stories about how the school looked like in earlier days. Novita still attends online studies to become an official teacher but already teaches like a pro. She is taking very well care of the cleanness of the school and teaches the kids to take responsibility. Novita is teaching the kids from the 4th to 6th grade.


Erwin lives in Labuan Poh on the mainland of Lombok not far away from Gili Asahan. He just finished his studies and sometimes came all the ways from Mataram just to teach the kids. He has experience in teaching from several volunteer programs in the past. He always makes the classes fun and with cool games and songs.